Field Activities

Every market experts know; to promote their products in industrial zones, services and retailers very important. Also to be known by the sales teams of distributor network directly effects sales performance.

Atilla Commercial Solutions is planning all your field activities and ensuring that your products meet your end users in line with your strategic goals. We bring end users and sales channels together with your products, and we report these field studies to you analytically.

According to your brand awareness and product groups;

  • Organizing field studies with a strategy and schedule,
  • Introduce your company in every contacted point,
  • Promote your brand in the point of visit with promotional and various items,
  • We research the awareness of your products on visiting points,
  • We control the availability of your products,
  • We introduce sales channels for your brand,
  • We offer the opportunity to compare your current situation with your competitors.

Saha çalışmaları sonrasında gerçekleştirdiğimiz özet raporlarda, bölgenin analizini çıkarma ve aksiyon planlarınızı doğru hazırlama şansını elde edebilirsiniz. In field study reports, you will have chance to analyze the region and prepare your action plans correctly.